The main types of earphones: in-ear earphones , Bluetooth headset , card headset, headphones

Detailed introduction:



#2.Earphones with a microphone, generally used for mobile phones or online games.

in ear




#4.TWS earbuds





The main way to wear headphones

  • Head-mounted: Closed sound insulation is better, but it is easy to have barrel sound (the mouth speaks to the barrel, the feeling of depression and echo is the barrel sound); the open sound field is more natural and atmospheric, but the sound is not good; semi-closed (Semi-open) is the more moderate choice of the first two.head phone
  • Earbud type: flat earplugs, generally comfortable to wear, sound is not good.headsets half
  • In-ear type: In-ear earphones, the sound insulation is better, the wear is easy to cause discomfort, and the sanitary treatment is not easy to cause ear canal infection.jd89 in ear
  • Ear-hook type: earphones hung on the ear, earphone type and earphone type, which are relatively firm to wear, but the sound insulation is relatively poor.ear hook
  • Rear-mounted: The general sports-type headphones are mainly rear-mounted, and the wearing is relatively firm, and the sound quality is usually more general.ear phone

Main function classification of headphones

  1. Monitor: Focus on listening to the various details in the sound. Advantages: The sound is generally clear, the sound quality is better, and listening to everything is good; disadvantages: lack of emotions in the human voice, it seems that listening to nothing can not get the best results.
  2. HIFI style: Designed with music in mind. Advantages: The sound is more characteristic, the performance of the counterpart music will be very charming, can achieve the best effect; Disadvantages: generally targeted design, such as especially suitable for vocals, it is not suitable for instrumental performance, especially suitable for musical instruments It is not suitable for vocals, it can be said that the needle has no two points.
  3. Game film style: Designed with analog multi-channel as the focus. Advantages: watching movies and playing games are very powerful, the sound positioning is clear; disadvantages: the effect of playing back music is not good.
  4. Noise cancelling: Designed to reduce environmental noise. Advantages: Even in very noisy environments, you can hear music clearly; Disadvantages: The noise reduction algorithm will reduce the sound quality and the price is higher.
  5. Portable: Designed to be easy to carry out and go out. Advantages: relatively light, sound is generally better; disadvantages: the sound quality is usually more general, wearing comfort is more general.
  6. Sporty: Designed with a strong fit. Advantages: It is not easy to fall when wearing, it is suitable for sports use; Disadvantages: the sound quality is generally poor, and the wearing comfort is also poor.sports

From the perspective of listening to music, in general, the sound quality performance of the same price : HIFI-style> monitoring>portable >noise-reducing>game film-style> sports.

How to buy the right headset?

Just buy a headset, can you understand so much knowledge? In fact, those are just basic knowledge, but you can see or not. In the end, the purchase of headphones is actually enough in three steps:
1. Determine which of your common front ends are: mobile phones, MP3, MP4, computers, low-impedance headphones, portable HIFI player options can be extended to medium and high-impedance headphones, desktop devices and system selection range can be extended to high-impedance headphones.
2. Determine which of the main features of your headset is.
3. Determine your requirements for sound insulation.