Langsdom TN33 Stylish Wireless Earbuds

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【LED Digital Display】Built-in LED intelligent digital display, which can display the remaining power of the charging box in real time, to avoid the embarrassment of running out when going out.

【Mini & Compact】Weighing only 3.5 grams, the earbuds are small and delicate while comfortable and stable in the ears. Multiple ear caps are optional, which can meet the different wearing needs.

【Single & Binaural Available】Single and binaural can be senselessly switched with Bluetooth one-key connection, allowing you to choose and use as you like.

【Smart Touch Control】The operation is simple and free that can easily switch among pause/play/next song/answer and so on.

【Bluetooth 5.1】Low consumption and stable connection, stronger transmission speed and anti-interference ability, make call quality clearer and more natural.

【21H Endurable Time】Can last for about 7 hours on every single charge, and the total battery life can reach up to 21 hours with the portable charging box.